Part of the Final Fantasy series. In FF5, Bartz Klauser, a wanderer, chances upon a princess and an old man who fell from the sky. Investigating the world's sudden drop in wind power, water freshness, fire heat, and earth fertility, they recruit the princess' long-lost sister and proceed to stumble into the legend of the crystals, journeying in vain to prevent each one from shattering then switching gears to topple evil enemy Exdeath, who was being contained by the crystals' magic. FF5, like FF3 before it, revolved around obtaining, mastering, and (this is new) combining abilities and stats tied to Jobs, and only by doing so would it be possible to tackle the series' first super-bosses. FF5 is an FF 's FF; like the series at whole is take-it-or-leave-it, FF5 you either played or you didn't.

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