Attacks of a certain kind of element will, however logical or defiant the case may be, do more or less damage when the enemy or ally getting hit has an affinity for that element.

Weapon Damage TypesEdit

Most weapons do damage of a certain kind. Not technically "elemental," but different enemies react to different wounds the same way as with "elements." The key difference here is that you have to consider these for your normal Attacks, and if you want to use a weapon-type special move, you need a weapon of that type equipped, e.g., Metaknight's Shader is a cut that works with a sword or knife but not a spear.

TinyiconElSwordSword: Swords cut, and so do all other blades, unless that blade is meant to be used like a Spear. Known in the past as "Bladed" or "Slashing."

TinyiconFrame2Spear: Poke or stab. Known in the past as "Piercing."

TinyiconFrame2Strike: Hitting hard to bruise and break in battle. Known in the past as "Blunt" or "Crushing."

TinyiconFrame2Ranged: Shooting arrows and shooting bullets does the same type of damage. Known in the past as "Projectile."

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The Usual ElementsEdit

The "usual" elements games "usually" use. These elements have the widest usage and the most proliferation, and every enemy (and ally) has either use of or affinities towards any one or more of The Usuals. Note that with Weapon Damage Types, damage dealt might increase or decrease but never drop to 0 (unless enemy Defense is just too damn high); with the Usual and Unusual Elements, enemies (and allies!) can be completely immune to elemental damage or even recover HP when hit with an attack of the type!









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Unusual ElementsEdit

After Fire through Dark are a few more elements and damage types. Some of them have been seen before, but others, well.





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Damage types engineered by an insane person and distributed across the Internet for wide use. "Elements" in name only—at least, that's how it used to be.







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